Academic Breakdown of PBK Recipients

Phi Beta Kappa Honors ‘Junior 24’

24 juniors received the award, “an honor bestowed on those whose coursework demonstrates not only high achievement, but also breadth of interest, depth of understanding, and intellectual honesty,” according to the chapter’s website.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Gather for Intercollegiate Pitch Off

​Dozens of entrepreneurial teams from six schools descended upon Yenching auditorium Saturday for the Intercollegiate Pitch Off as a part of an undergraduate-run accelerator demo.

Youth Shelter Displays Art Exhibition

Aiming to bring awareness to youth homelessness through artwork, the Y2Y homeless shelter hosted an art exhibition on Saturday as part of this weekend’s Arts First Festival.

In Letter to Khurana, Porcellian-Commissioned Report Scrutinizes Final Club Statistics

A professional statistical analyst, commissioned by the 225-year old Porcellian Club, sharply criticized the Harvard sexual assault prevention task force’s interpretation of survey data and recommendations for action on final clubs.


UC Begins Debate Over Student Organization Comp Processes

The Undergraduate Council considered legislation Sunday to gather data from the Office of Student Life about the requirements students must complete in order to join organizations.

In Formal Planning, Students Budget for Security and Safety

Students organizing on-campus formals are remembering to arrange for security in addition to all the other costs associated with the event, prompting concerns over expenses for some House Committees.

Documentary Cautions Against Clandestine Cyber Warfare

​Director Alex Gibney called for a national discussion on cyber warfare at a screening of “Zero Hour,” his documentary on the details of a U.S.-Israeli cyberattack on Iran's nuclear program.

Students Put Creativity on Display at Arts First

​This weekend, students, faculty, and Cambridge residents came together for the 24th annual Arts First festival, a showcase of a variety of art forms including dance, music, theatre, and public art.



Caught on Camera

Installing security cameras at dorm entrances certainly makes sense, but in this case, we would prefer to see the UC use its clout to instruct students to help themselves, rather than only focusing on administrative solutions.


What Problem Are You Going to Solve?

The world-class degree I will soon bear in my hands is valuable not just because of the opportunities it may open for me but also because of its potential to put me in a position to help others.




The 25th of May


Letter to the Editor: The Value of All-Female Organizations

First Black Harvard College Graduate Honored With Portrait

​Amid songs, speeches, and roaring applause, Harvard administrators unveiled a portrait of Richard T. Greener, Class of 1870, the College’s first African American graduate, in Annenberg Hall.

Amid More Funding Errors, UC Considers Reading Period Rule Change

Members of the Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee will push to change the rule prohibiting the body from funding events during reading period, after the regulation generated controversy and caused multiple financial errors in recent weeks.

Occidental Students Protest Harvard Law Professor as Commencement Speaker

​Students and faculty at Occidental College are protesting the school’s choice of Harvard Law School professor Randall L. Kennedy as their commencement speaker for his controversial statements on race-related activism and the film “The Hunting Ground.”



Artistic Guide to Harvard: Nature Spots

As finals loom and you try to swerve and run at your summer plans with open arms, remember to take a few moments here and there to breathe the fresh air.