Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Receives $20 Million Gift for Global Health Research

The gift will endow a professorship in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine and provide funding—specifically for junior faculty and fellows—in fields including HIV and Ebola research.


Harvard and Berklee Partner for Joint Music Degree Program

Harvard College and Berklee College of Music have formalized a new dual-degree program, marking the beginning of a partnership that promises to marry Harvard’s liberal arts curriculum with a more focused, advanced degree in music from Berklee.


In Aspen, Faust Continues Push for Humanities

In an hour-long conversation with Leon S. Wieseltier, an editor at The Atlantic and former Law School visiting professor, Faust lamented the societal shift towards vocational training and the corresponding tendency to use salary as the sole metric of success.


Race-Based Admissions Lawsuit Moves Through Discovery Phase

Currently, Harvard’s case is still in the process of discovery, a stage during which both parties can request information from one another to use in subsequent court proceedings.


A.D. Club Rules Out Merger with Female Clubs

During a summer in which several single-gender social groups have adopted a wait-and-see approach in response to imminent University sanctions, the all-male A.D. Club has ruled out merging with a female club should it adopt gender neutral policies.


National BGLTQ Organization Condemns Sanctions on Single-Sex Groups

A national BGLTQ support organization charged Harvard with contriving a shortsighted solution to issues of sexual assault and discrimination as it moves to implement a new policy that will punish members of single-gender, unrecognized social organizations.


Cambridge Police Warn of Local ATM Skimming Scheme

A skimming device—hardware that reads and stores a person’s credit or debit card information at an ATM—was recently discovered attached to a machine at a local convenience store in Cambridge

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Katherine O’Dair Named Dean of Students

​Katherine O’Dair, who has served as associate vice president of student affairs at Boston College, will become the College's Dean of Students on Aug. 15.



That Stinketh Not

By investing in buildings and not people, the message we send to the next generation contradicts every premise of humanist education.


What You Knew

But in all my confidence that privilege would fall, I had forgotten about blood, how it could leave a country in coma. My thoughts were abstracted because I was removed.


​Golden Apples and Chocolate Buttons


Black and Brown Bodies


​To Those Who Made Me Cry

In Landmark Ruling, Supreme Court Backs Race-Conscious Admissions

University President Drew G. Faust praised the decision for protecting affirmative action, a policy that Harvard has fought to keep in the past and continues to defend in court.

Harvard to Offer American Sign Language Course in Fall

The University has been slow to re-adopt ASL compared to peer institutions after it abandoned the program in 1994, citing financial difficulties. According to a recent study commissioned by the Modern Language Association, as of 2013 ASL is the third most-enrolled language, besides English, in colleges across the nation.

McNeil Named Interim Head of Medical School as Search for Permanent Dean Continues

McNeil served a previous stint as acting dean in the summer of 2007, just before Medical School Dean Jeffrey S. Flier—who is set to resign at the end of July after nine years at the helm of the school—took office.


On to the Big Leagues

Evaluating Football's 2016 Graduates' NFL Hopes Going Into Training Camps

The NFL draft has quickly become an important event on the Harvard sporting calendar. Despite falling short of hopes that multiple players might be drafted this year, the Crimson placed four players on NFL training camp rosters, no small feat



Artist Spotlight: PWR BTTM

The artists who sang out one of their college email addresses in a song, PWR BTTM are both fierce and thoughtful with a healthy serving of wit. The garage pop-punk duo spoke with The Crimson the band and reality television.