Dunster Construction

‘It’s Gifts and It’s Debt'

Between an underperforming endowment, dwindling reserves, cumbersome architectural regulations, and lukewarm support from donors, House renewal is an uphill battle.

Professor Argues For Increased Political Involvement from Scientists

"We need to speak because facts don’t actually speak for themselves,” History of Science professor Naomi Oreskes said during a lecture Wednesday in Science Center B.

Divest Harvard Blockades University Hall

Around 20 members of Divest Harvard blockaded entrances to University Hall Wednesday in protest of Harvard’s stance on investing in the coal industry.

BGLTQ Office Prepares For Visit of Anti-Transgender 'Free Speech' Bus

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life reaffirmed its support for transgender students ahead of a scheduled campus visit from an anti-transgender “Free Speech Bus.”

As College Brings Social Life to Houses, Single-Gender Groups Tag Along

As Harvard aims to reinvigorate social life in undergraduate Houses, the very off-campus groups whose influence the College hopes to minimize have started taking advantage of the relaxed rule​s for hosting events in common spaces.

Harvard Affiliates Organize Marches for Science

Harvard students, researchers, and professors are planning concurrent Marches for Science the morning of April 22, joining over 400 demonstrations around the world in support of continued role for science in public life.

Former Vermont Governor Discusses Deadly Opioid Crisis

“This is the least excusable disease in America, because this is self inflicted… stop passing out OxyContin and other painkillers like candy, stop,” Former Vermont Governor Peter E. Shumlin said.

Economist Heidi Williams Talks Patents and Cancer Research

MIT Economics professor Heidi L. Williams explored the economic incentives behind cancer research in a lecture Wednesday.


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A Place for All (Who Agree with Me)

I would submit that today we declare “we welcome everyone,” then secretly add “but not them.” This coercion of values is especially disturbing when the only values that anyone seems to care about are tolerance and non-discrimination.


Obama Moments

While it’s an important goal to include more LGBTQ characters in movies, it’s equally important to improve how they’re portrayed.


Keeping the Rules Committee Accountable


Expand Campus Access to Feminine Hygiene Products

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Star Wars, Superheroes, and Harvard

Harvard Launches Data Science Initiative

Harvard has launched the Data Science Initiative, a University-wide program that aims to bring together data scientists in different fields.

All-Female Social Groups May Keep ‘Gender Focus’ for at Least Three Years

All-female final clubs and sororities will be allowed to retain their “gender focus” for the next few years—and potentially beyond that period.

Former Defense Secretary Discusses Military Innovation

Former Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter discussed military cooperation with the tech industry, artificial intelligence, and his career at the Defense Department.

Pageant crown.

Eyes On The Crown

In offstage and onstage interviews, Vuong brandishes her knowledge of current events and promotes her platform: empowering homeless youth. For the talent portion of the pageant, she plays classical music—often Chopin—on the piano. For the “swim” and “evening” categories, she models the requisite attire while walking in a figure-eight shape onstage.


Reid to Achieve

Baseball Prepares to Take on Columbia, Penn

Harvard (10-8) will head to New York on Saturday for a doubleheader with Columbia before taking I-95 down to Philadelphia for a twinbill with Penn the following day.


SKETCH poster

‘SKETCH’ Channels Both Eccentricity and Comedic Genius

From a man who is too excited to receive a pat down at airport security to a lesbian who wins “The Bachelor” but is in love with another contestant, a cast of nine students performed a series of ten skits from March 23 to 25.