SOME two hundred Freshmen at Princeton this year.

THE Yale Fall Races are to take place at Saltonstall Lake, October 11. Boating is entered into with unusual interest this Fall.

AT Wesleyan University, '77 contains one woman. It is rumored she is to be stroke oar in the crew next year.

JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL, Professors Tyndall and Munro, received the honorary degree of D. C. L., at Oxford, England, last June.

Two courses of instruction in science were given in the College this vacation, - one at the Botanic Gardens, the other at Boylston Hall. Both were courses of laboratory instruction, intended to prepare persons to teach science experimentally in schools.

RALPH WALDO EMERSON, George F. Hoar, Francis E. Parker, and Henry Lee were elected Overseers for the term of six years. Rev. James Freeman Clarke, who has been a member of the Board, but was out one year, was elected for the full term. Alexander Agassiz was chosen to fill the unexpired term of Waldo Higginson, resigned.

THE fifty-four colleges in the New England States, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, conferred 182 honorary degrees, and 2,333 in course, - making a total of 2,515. Of these, Harvard conferred 219 in course.

AT Williams College two Sophomores engaged in a little hazing, and were suspended. The class escorted them to the depot, and they also were suspended. The upshot of the affair was that all returned submissively to their college duties.

"BLOODY Monday Night" at Amherst consists in the Sophomore and Freshman Classes getting hold of the opposite ends of a rope and walking in different directions. The class which goes farthest is considered "cock of the walk." Pursuits worthy of the immortals!

A FRESHMAN, seen running at high speed just before one o'clock, yesterday, said, in answer to inquiries, that he "had to hooper up to catch that chap in the Steward's Office."

NEWLY elected officers of College societies : -

Institute of 1770.Pres., H. P. Jaques; Vice-Pres., G. H. Bradford; Sec., G. W. Green; Treas., W. B. S. Clymer.

Signet.Pres., G. F. Canfield; Sec., LeB. R. Briggs; Treas., W. H. Annan.