GOLDEN hair and blue eyes,

Opened wide with wonder;

Dimpled hand, that softly lies

The leaves to keep asunder, -

What's the volume that you read,

As the fire light dances,

Casting shapes that vainly plead

For your laughing glances?

Fairy tales! Fairy tales!

Now I know the reason,

When all else amusement fails,

This you ever seize on.

Is the princess young and fair,

Full of sunny gladness?

Is the prince a gallant heir,

Loving her to madness?

Are there giants in the path?

Ogres, grim and wary?

Do the lovers dread the wrath

Of the wicked fairy?

Fairy tales! Fairy tales!

Youth's most cherished teachers.

Ever hopeful love prevails,

When you are the preachers.

Read and wonder, azure eyes,

At the love and glory!

'Neath a very thin disguise,

Life's a fairy story.

You, the princess young and trim;

Prince there sure somewhere is;

Fears, the giants; and the grim,

Wicked fairy, Care is.

Fairy tales! Fairy tales!

None may e'er forget them;

When their charming glamour fails,

See a world regret them.

What! the eyes are weeping now

At the lovers' sorrow?

You have read enough, I trow;

Leave them till the morrow.

Fear not! all will happy be

When you reach the ending;

Trust, although you do not see,

Powers of good defending.

Fairy tales! Fairy tales!

'Neath the pillow lying.

Eyes of blue let fall their veils,

Ceased is all their crying.