THE beautiful afternoon of Wednesday, July 15, saw the grand stands at the foot of the course reasonably well filled with those taking an interest in the result of the Freshman and Single-Scull contests. After a long delay, the boom of the signal-gun from Snake Hill sent a thrill of expectation through the spectators. A few minutes later the starting-gun announced that the crews were off. No signals being used in this race, the position of the crews could not be ascertained till the last mile was entered upon, when the white shirts of Yale showed to the front, with Princeton a good second, and Brown last, steering very wildly. These positions were maintained till with in a dozen boat-lengths of the line, and Yale men on shore were beginning to count their winnings, when Princeton astonished everybody by putting on a wonderful spurt, which sent their boat swiftly to the front, and gave them the race by little more than one third of a length. Time, 18 m. 12 3/4 s. The following is a summary:-


FRESHMAN RACE.ENTRIES: Princeton, Yale, Brown.

(We are indebted to the Yale Record for the following figures.)

PRINCETON FRESHMEN. - Yellow and Black.

Age. Height. Weight.

Bow, C. C. Greene, Cedar Rapids, Ia., 18 5.7 142

No. 5, C. Halsted, Newark, N. J., 20 5.9 1/2 142

No. 4, J. A. Campbell, Washington, 19 5.9 1/2 142

No. 3, J. Williamson, Osborn, Ohio, 21 5.10 146

No. 2, J. J. Ely, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 20 5.10 1/2 146

Stroke, B. T. Nicoll, New York City, 18 5.10 3/4 146

Averages. - Age, 19; height, 5 feet 10 inches; weight, 144 pounds. Boat by Fearon, 49 feet by 10 inches. Costume. - Orange "P" on white shirt.


Age. Height. Weight.