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WE publish in another column the report of the Assistant Treasurer of the H. U. B. C. Though the financial condition of the club is more encouraging than we had anticipated, still great care on the part of the officers and earnest help from the students are necessary to free the club from debt, and render it able to meet its expenses promptly. The liberal subscriptions made by the students after the last boating-meeting is a great help, and goes to show that the money and good-will of the College will not be lacking. Still, the required amount is not yet all subscribed, and but very little has been paid. The Treasurer is in extreme need of funds, and subscribers should pay as promptly as they have subscribed, and do all in their power to secure success.

We understand that the Executive Committee of the club have under consideration two new plans for raising money. One is, that class-crews shall pay for the use of the boat-rests which they occupy in the University Boat-House. This is deemed advisable in view of the fact that the new boating-system deprives the H. U. B. C. of a considerable revenue from the rent of boat-rests.

It is a University crew; and although the Law and Medical Schools cannot pull in a race, the interest they take in the result of the Regatta is quite as great as that of the undergraduates. So many of the members of these schools are graduates of Harvard, that we cannot think our confidence in their willingness to aid us is misplaced.