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Whereas, By the death of James Jackson Cabot, we have lost one of our much-beloved classmates,

Resolved, That we deeply mourn the loss of one who, while with us, set an example of manliness, purity, and simplicity which we all respected; whose standard of true gentlemanly conduct was the highest, and who unflinchingly lived up to it.

Resolved, That his modest and unassuming character, his obliging manner and spirit, and his never-failing geniality, have endeared him to all who knew him.

Resolved, That we express our deep and earnest sympathy with his bereaved family, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to them.

The loss of two others of their number in the short year since their graduation lent additional solemnity, if possible, to the meeting held by the class of 1874 at the Parker House on the 16th, upon the announcement of the sudden death of one of their members. In the death of James Jackson Cabot his classmates have to mourn, not only for one whose amiable qualities endeared him to all who knew him, but also for the loss of a name which ability and industry seemed to have marked out for a high place on their roll of honor. Having early chosen medicine as the work of his life, he had thoroughly devoted himself to it, making all his studies tend to that end. He had a mind extremely quick to receive and originate ideas, an untiring industry, a ready and decided judgment; his progress, therefore, in this, as in all that he undertook, was of the most thorough and promising kind. But conspicuous as he was for mental ability, it is in the private relations of friendship that his loss will be most felt. His friends will miss one who was warm-hearted, loyal, and generous to a fault; one whose character, far above the suspicion of anything mean or paltry, was yet tempered with so much modesty as to render it obtrusive to no one; one who never hesitated to express his strict and conscientious sentiments, and yet was always considerate; in short, one whose wholesome, lovable, and manly nature inspired an ever-increasing respect and affection.