SATURDAY morning last the usual fall scratch-races were rowed over the boat-house course. The tide was running out, and a fresh southeasterly breeze made the water very lumpy. The number of spectators was not large, but there were more oarsmen for the boats than there were last spring. The rowing was neither better nor worse than usual. After the necessary delay, the pair-oared race was started. The entries were two:-

(1, inside.) (2.)

W. M. Lemoyne, '78, C. G. Weld, '79,

M. R. Jacobs, '79, W. Sheafe, '79,

G. L. Cheney, '78, cox. H. Denton, cox.

At the boat-house the inside boat was leading by half a length, and the position was unchanged at the stake-boats. In turning, the outside boat was carried by the tide against the anchoring rope, and before it could get clear, the leading boat was several lengths ahead. This seemed to dishearten the '79 oarsmen, and they withdrew, leaving the other boat to row over the last half of the course alone. The winners of this race pulled in good form, and succeeded in getting their boat through the water at a good rate.

For the six-oared race four crews started:-

(1.) (2.)

W. M. Lemoyne, '78, stroke, P. W. Page, '77, stroke,

H. Denton, W. Trimble, '80,

J. Parker, '77, W. R. Taylor, '77,

J. H. Stiles, '77, P. Tuckerman, '78,

F. Donaldson, '79, E. H. Hastings, '80,

W. S. Miller, '78, M. Bull, '77,

R. Bacon, '80, cox. G. L. Cheney, '78, cox.

(3.) (4.)

J. B. Keyes, '77, stroke, F. T. Brown, '77, stroke,

H. J. Harwood, '77, J. R. W. Hitchcock, '77,

S. Shillito, '79, A. W. Morgan, '78,

C. Corey, A. W. Hooper, '80,

T. M. Sloane, '77, C. G. Weld, '79,

G. Griswold, '80, W. A. Brownlow, '76,

E. S. Martin, '77, cox. G. B. Ogden, cox.

The first half of this race was a good one. It lay throughout between numbers two and four. As the boats began to turn the bend at the middle of the course, Brown's crew was leading, with Page half a length behind. At this point Cheney forced Ogden, who had been keeping as close to the windward shore as possible, to swing out farther into the stream. The tide was running very strong, and number four was carried out of its course towards the opposite shore. The second boat felt the tide much less, and here took the lead. At the stake the two boats turned together. Page now began to draw away very quickly, increasing his lead every moment until the line was crossed two good lengths ahead. Lemoyne's crew were third.

For the four-oared race there were four entries. The inside crew took the lead and kept it to the finish. It was made up as follows:-

M. R. Jacobs, '79, stroke,

H. Denton,

T. M. Sloane, '77,

W. S. Miller, '78,

J. R. W. Hitchcock, '77, cox.