- The Yale Navy is $1,500 in debt.

- The fall races at Lake Saltonstall will come off Saturday, October 14.

- The Captain of the crew is not yet chosen, but Collins of the Philadelphia Four will probably be elected to the position.

- The annual Thanksgiving "Jubilee" is in course of preparation, and the Faculty have drawn up a long list of conditions on which it is to be allowed.

- The question of the annual rush is now being discussed by the two lower classes of the Scientific School. The Freshmen are rather small in stature, but large in numbers.

- THE old rush between the Yale freshmen and sophomores on Hamilton park has been abandoned.

Amherst.- AN Amherst sophomore has been summoned before the president and informed that his removal from college would be required for "rushing." The class, however, pledged to abstain from disturbances, and he is conditionally allowed to remain.

- Interest in boating is very slight.

- Class games for the college championship will be played this fall to develop material for the College Nine, which will not be chosen until the spring.

- Fall meeting of the Athletic Association will be held on Saturday afternoon, October 14.

- The Sophomore-Freshman base-ball game and fight came off, as in former years, the second Saturday afternoon of the term.

Williams.- The Williams LL. D. conferred on John Bright last June has been accepted.

- Mr. W. K. Brooks, a graduate of Williams in 1870, and for the last three or four years connected as a student and teacher with Professor Agassiz, has been appointed to the Associate Professorship of Zoology in the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore.

- The Sophomores two weeks ago pledged themselves to give up hazing on condition that some of them caught hazing should be let off. Last Friday night the Sophomores rushed the Freshmen, and again on Saturday. Accordingly the whole class, except those who can show that they were not in either rush, has been expelled. Most of the class will probably be readmitted on terms imposed by the President, but some, at least, will not be taken back.

Cornell.- Captain Ostrom lost his degree in June.

- The University Boat Club has decided to challenge the winner in the Oxford-Cambridge race next March to a four-mile race over the English course.

- Two hundred and fifteen new students. Six are females, twenty-three are from other colleges and universities, fifty-three enter the scientific course, seventeen the course in literature, twenty-two the course in arts, eighteen in engineering, and the rest are distributed among the minor courses or are optional students.

Princeton.- The Nassau Lit. has reached its thirty-second volume.

- A new base-ball field, provided by the college authorities, will be ready for use in the spring.

- Sophomores and Freshmen have indulged themselves in several "cane rushes" since the term began.

- Five Juniors are said to have left the college because their feelings were outraged by the presence of a colored man in a lecture-room.

Dartmouth.- Last week the Dartmouth Navy voted in favor of rowing in fours and of leaving the matter of a New England Association and a regatta this fall in the hands of its Executive Committee.

- During the last thirteen years Dartmouth College has received the following donations: Academical Department, including the Gymnasium, $519,816; Scientific, $24,000; Agricultural, $205,900; Engineering, $70,000; Medical, $17,000; Liw, $120,000; Moor's Charity School, $3,875. Total, $960,591. Not half of these funds are as yet available.

- At Dartmouth there is a Junior of middle age who is a clergyman. Ten years ago he was forced to leave college at the end of his Sophomore year. He afterwards studied theology, and became a preacher of the Methodist denomination. Not being satisfied with his education, after preaching awhile he returned to college to complete his course, and now, as a Junior, recites to his old chum and classmate, who is a professor in the college.

Miscellaneous.- The Class-day orator at Brown is a colored man.

- The Sophomore and Freshman foot-ball elevens of Tufts had a match yesterday, and the former won by a total of three goals.

- The Sophomore class of the Vermont University have been suspended and fined $2 each, for disorderly conduct in raising a flag on the college park flagstaff a few nights ago; and the Freshman class have been fined $2 each for cutting the pole down.