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IT seems that an unusual amount of trouble has been caused this year by the old-fashioned feud between Sophomores and Freshmen. We have here a pleasing view of the lion and the lamb reposing peacefully side by side, but other colleges are not so fortunate. The report of the trouble at Williams, if it is true, shows a decidedly disgraceful state of affairs. We shall not moralize upon the terrible enormity of indulging in "cane rushes." This amusement was never popular in Cambridge, and we cannot judge of the pleasure to be derived from it. But the breaking of pledges is a thing not to be treated lightly; it shows a lack of the commonest sense of honor which throws into the shade a disregard of finer points. The long list of colleges at which hazing has caused trouble this fall excuses us for thanking heaven that we are not as others are.