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THE tardiness with which the order of our semiannuals was announced this year has brought out complaints loud and long from even our habitual leaders on the rank-list. It may be a matter of small interest to our ever-respected Faculty that a general change in the order of examinations is made during the week preceding the semiannuals; that certain men are thereby invited to three or four examinations in the first few days of our festivities, and that of necessity the brevity of their preparation is likely to be rivalled only by that of the answers in their blue books. It may be a matter of little concern to that large body of students who regard examinations as merely a drawback to the enjoyment of a February vacation, that they should be bored with all their examiners during the first week; but to the more scholarly and hard-working students, whose rank has a meaning for them, it is far from being a matter of indifference whether an inconvenient order of examinations is preceded by an early notification or is snapped upon them at less than a week's notice. Whatever else such tardiness shows, it certainly demonstrates that negligence and procrastination in college work are unhappily not monopolized by students.