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THE electives in Fine Arts are to undergo some slight changes next year. Course I will be omitted on account of the temporary absence of Mr. Moore; Course II. will be altered but little; Course III. will become a one-hour elective entirely devoted to the Arts of the Age of Pericles. Lloyd's "Age of Pericles" will be used as a text-book, but the class will not be confined to it, as the course is by no means a text-book course. Since the recitations are but once a week, many will be able to elect it, who have hitherto been prevented from taking courses in Fine Arts because of the time which they need for electives in other departments in which they intend to take honors. Those who take a classical course should remember that the Greeks accomplished works in art, as well as in oratory and tragedy, which have never been surpassed; and that no one can claim a knowledge of the Greeks until he has made an acquaintance with them as artists, whatever may be his knowledge of them as orators, poets, and historians.