ALL Seniors who have not handed in their Class-sheets are requested to leave them at once at Weld 41.

THE Juniors defeated the Freshman Nine in match-game on Tuesday last by the score of 23 to 2.

ALL wishing to purchase subscription tickets to ball games can do so Saturday morning, from 9 to 12, at 5 Weld.

ON Wednesday last the Yale University Nine was defeated by the Stars (amateurs), the score standing 10 to 9.

TO-MORROW, Saturday, at 10. 15, there will be a game of foot-ball between the University and a picked team.

THE class of '74, Phillips Academy, Andover, are to hold their annual reunion at the Parker House to-night.

THE exhibition of the Hasty Pudding, last Tuesday, was interesting. The oration and poem were both good.

THE Rev. Phillips Brooks will preach in Upper Holden Monday evening, May 8, at 7 o'clock. All are invited to be present.

THE annual spring races for the Beacon Cup will be rowed over the Charles River course on Saturday, May 27, at 3 P. M.

THE officers of the Hasty Pudding Club are, at present, N. Curtis, President; W. N. Swift, Vice-President; A. M. Sherwood, Secretary; G. B. Ogden, Treasurer; A. H. Amory, Librarian.

THE University Nine will play the Brown Nine on Jarvis to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Coupon tickets, admitting the holders to this game and to the other four games to be played on Jarvis before Class Day, may be obtained of members of the nine.

SINCE the review of the works of Charles Bradlaugh in the Nation of April 27, all the books by this author have been taken from the Library. This furnishes material for a fresh discussion of the influences of the "pessimistic" periodical upon undergraduates.

THE All-Canada vs. Harvard University foot-ball match will be played Monday, May 8, at 3 o'clock, on Jarvis Field.

The whole Harvard team has not yet been chosen. The following thirteen men will play: Faucon, Lombard, Seamans, Bacon, Hall, Curtis, Austin, Keys, Russell, Whiting, Rollins, Cushing, and Blanchard.

THE University Nine is made up as follows: Thatcher, '77, catcher; Ernst, '76, pitcher; Leeds, '77, s. s.; Wright, '79, 1st base; Sawyer, '77, 2d base; Thayer, '78, 3d base; Latham, '77, left field; Tyng, '76, centre field; Dow, '77, right field; Bird, '77, Tower, '77, substitutes.

THE Canada foot-ball team will leave home on Saturday, and be in Boston by Sunday afternoon. It is composed of the following men: A. J. Greenfield, W. H. Perram, W. H. Young, Helliwell, from Toronto; Harry Hope, P. Palmer, E. W. Hare, Murray, from Hamilton; Stewart Campbell, K. Eardley-Wilmot, E. H. Gough, Philip Cross, A. St. A. Smith, from Montreal; Donald M. Stewart, from Quebec; and J. Ker, from Brantford.