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FOR the last three weeks complaints have been made about the management, or rather mismanagement, of the bath-rooms in Matthews basement. It seems that these bath-rooms are under the control of one man, who pays nothing to the College for the right of using them and is in no way responsible for the manner in which they are kept. Consequently, several times during the year we have been unable to take our usual bath, on account of the absence of hot water, which in the winter is absolutely necessary; but, worse than all, for the last three weeks the baths have stopped running entirely; this, we understand, being done by order of the College. Perhaps the authorities consider that we have had a sufficient number of baths this year, or that the warmth of the season enables us to wash with cold water; but it really does not strike us in that light. We would warmly, if we could, advise the College to take into its own hands the care of these bath-rooms, especially since they are the only ones we have; the same man might be employed, at a certain sum, to keep the hot water running without intermission during the whole of the College year; and the money that is paid by the students for the use of the baths should go to the College. This, we think, is a better plan than to have the bath-rooms, as they are now, under the sole management of a man who may leave us in the lurch at any time he pleases.