I HAVE been told that there was a foot-ball match last Tuesday. I am told that there is to be another one on Friday. The one I did not see, and the other I do not expect to see. Why? Because, instead of taking place on Holmes Field, where I could easily go without any trouble or loss of time, the games are played in Boston, and at the extreme end of Boston. I suppose that there is some good reason for this, but it seems very strange that, when the College has provided us with a convenient and good field, it should not be used. That the Boston grounds are better, I do not presume to doubt; but I think the advantage of having the games played where the students can see them should overrule the lesser consideration that the farther field is slightly more level. If I thought that I was the only discontented one I should hold my peace, but I happen to know that I speak the sentiments of many.