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WE congratulate the Foot-Ball Eleven on their success against Tufts Tuesday afternoon. The fall sports have opened well for Harvard, and we have every reason to expect that next spring and summer will find us in as good condition as we were last year. We would, however, warn our athletes not to be over confident; we would remind them that, although prestige is an excellent thing in its way, it will not win victories in the ball-field and on the river, unless backed by continued hard labor. In the game with Tufts, as in the games we have played before, it was shown that in the modern game of foot-ball perfect knowledge of one another and entire unity of action play a far more important part than length of limb or size of muscle. As long as our men keep up their constant practice and good discipline, they need never fear their opponents on the score of size; but as soon as they stop their practice, they must look for trouble. To-day they are to play against McGill, and we give them our best wishes for their success.