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SOME time ago attention was called to the fact that the gas is turned off in the entries rather sooner than most of us would wish. Now, although the Faculty may think that "scores of us should not be out after eleven o'clock," and that, if we are out, a few bruises and barked shins serve us right, they certainly can have no objection if we are in at half past five or six in the evening. At this reasonable and moderate hour some of our entries are, at this season of the year, wellnigh as dark as they are at eleven; and yet the gas, especially on Saturday evenings, is often not turned on till seven or eight. The need of light is felt especially in the lower halls of Matthews and Holyoke, and a serious accident which occurred in the latter building one evening last week shows that our complaint is not an idle one. To have a front tooth knocked out by running against a projection in a dark hall is a mishap that we hope may soon be no longer possible.