- "Pitching pennies has been 'sat on.' "

- The Art Lectures have proved very successful.

- A Senior recently received a chiding letter from his father, who had heard from the Faculty that his son was in danger of losing his degree. The son replied by offering to bet his father fifty dollars that h would bring home his sheepskin.

- The Junior Exhibition took place on Thursday last.

- It is rumored that shortly before the close of the term, the Juniors will don the Oxford caps.

- In order to secure a fuller attendance at the moot courts, the Faculty will require an examination on points there decided.

- Since September last the bills of the Yale navy, to the amount of two thousand dollars, have been paid up, so that the race with Harvard can take place shortly after Commencement.

- The Dunham Rowing Club is rapidly filling up to its limited number of sixty members. Membership fee, $15. For Seniors for the third term, if already members of the club, $5; otherwise, $7.

- An invitation has been extended to the Rev. R. W. Dale, a distinguished Nonconformist minister of Birmingham, England, to deliver the next series of Lyman Beecher lectures in the Theological Seminary.

Amherst.- Stewart L. Woodford, of New York, will be the Social Union orator for this year.

- In 1875 fully one half the charges for tuition, nearly $15,000, were distributed in scholarships.

- A large and valuable case of stuffed birds recently received from Oregon has been added to the collection in the Appleton cabinet.

- In the place of horse-shoes, notices like the following appear above the dormitory doors: "No admittance from 2 to 6; study hours. Do not try to come in, for you can't."

Dartmouth.- Tuition must be paid on the first day of each term.

- During the vacation the College Glee Club will give concerts in several towns in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

- Professor S. C. Bartlett, of Chicago, has accepted the presidency of Dartmouth, and the Faculty, students, and citizens of Hanover are universally pleased thereat.

- Mr. Baxter P. Smith, of the class of '54, will shortly publish a book of 300 or 400 pages with the following title: "The Origin of Dartmouth College, its Progress during a Century, and its Relations to History."