- The circular for the new year is almost ready. The subjects in mathematics for the contest of 1879 will be analytical geometry and calculus; Professors Simon Newcomb, P. S. Michie, and A. Hall will examine the competitors. In Greek, the "Panegyricus" of Isocrates, and the "Iphigenia in Tauris" of Euripides, will be required; also analysis of verb forms, use of moods and tenses. Familiarity with Greek prose composition with accents, and with the words and constructions used in the "Panegyricus," is expected. Professors Charlton T. Lewis, A. Harkness, and Henry Drisler will be examiners. The remaining committees will report soon.

The oratorical contest took place in New York last evening. The following is the order of the speakers : -

Madison, James H. Mason. Subject : "Progress and Penalty."

Princeton, Charles L. Williams. "Our Mother Tongue,"

St. John's, P. A. Hendrick. "Principle."

University of the City of New York, W. J. Roome, Jr. "The Cuban Revolution."

Rutger's, S. Miller. "Expression of Thought."

College of the City of New York, Paul Krotel. "Everlasting Man."

Wesleyan, T. C. Martin. "Channing."

Lafayette, J. J. Grant. "The Convictions of Labor."

Northwestern, Conrad Haney. "The Ideal Man."

Syracuse, J E. Ensign. "The Fulfilment of a National Ideal"

- At the Academy of Music the proscenium boxes have been offered to professors in previous years, but they have not availed themselves of their privileges, and this year the boxes have been for sale. There has been a brisk competition for them by Greek letter societies. The Psi Upsilon, Alpha Delta Phi, and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternities took boxes.