I NOTICED in your last issue a very violent tirade against everybody in general except the writer, who signs himself X' 81. I have not troubled myself by reading the communication from his "undexterous classmate." While X' 81 complains of being sneered at by the upper classes, he does what is much worse, - sneers at his own. He complains of the Sophomores especially. I will venture to say that no Freshman class was ever better treated by the Sophomores than the present one. It has always been the custom for the Sophomores to look after the little boys, and to forbid them the use of canes and other dangerous weapons until they are old enough to know how to manage them. Their late murderous design against a Boston policeman (which I am happy to say only deprived him of an ear) shows the folly of allowing them to carry canes at all. Instead of spending their weekly allowance to start a Glee Club, the Freshmen would get more satisfaction and honor if they would subscribe their share for the maintenance of the crew. While they do not wish to compare themselves YET with the Juniors (and I agree with X' 81 that any attempt to do so would be ridiculous in the extreme), they might at least take example from the Sophomore subscription, and emulate them in this respect.

Y '80.