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THE architects of the new Gymnasium requested some time since the captains of the crew and ball nine to call on them and make such suggestions as they could about the proper place of exercise for the crew and nine. The plans of the building are being constantly changed, but one main principle is never lost sight of, namely, to have plenty of room for everybody. It is intended to make the building a complete gymnasium, with all the appurtenances and conveniences that are necessary, and if spring opens favorably, we may hope to see it finished next September. There will probably be in it a large room, accessible by a private stairway from a side door, where there will be space to show the flags of the University crew, and where the cases containing the base balls belonging to the nine may be displayed. The Athletic Association also intends putting up in this room wooden tablets, on which shall be engraved the entire record of the Association, with the winners' names, the event, the time, the year, etc. When men see their names engraved on wood (which is the next thing to being cut in stone), placed in a position so prominent as to attract the attention of every visitor, they may take some pride in their own athletic record, and train a moderate amount for a field meeting or winter tournament. The architects would be very glad to hear from any student that has really good suggestions to make about the Gymnasium.