"HARRY and Ethel, what are you doing?"

Harry's my chum, if you care to know;

Ethel's a sister of mine, quite pretty, -

They tell me this, I've never thought so.

Why, to me she is n't half as attractive

As Cousin Maud, just over the way.

Harry laughs at me, - provoking fellow, -

He 'll be the same till his dying day.

"Reading, Ethel? Your book must be charming,

I see you are holding it upside down."

I noticed her blushes, she did not answer,

But tried to fashion the mite of a frown.

"Fishing Harry? You seem to be showing

About as much life as you do at your Grote,

For the book that ought to be there in the water

Is fastened just now to the sleeve of your coat.

"Well, good by, friends; I see I'm not wanted

Where people are reading and fishing like this."

But just as I turned I heard something that sounded

Very much - shall I say it? - ah yes, - like a kiss

And - Harry won't see this - his arm was around her,

She saucily holding up to me her hand,

And saying, while on it a cunning gem sparkled,

"How stupid of you not to understand!"