No Headline

As so much has been said lately about Junior Forensics, perhaps it is a good opportunity to mention one other complaint which has been made. At present there is not, and there does not pretend to be, any instruction in this department. All that the instructor does is to assign a mark to each forensic and hand it back to the writer, giving in the class an abstract of what was written on each of the subjects. A student cannot find out what mark has been given him, nor are there any remarks on the returned forensic to let him know what impression it has produced on the instructor, whether he considers it good, bad or indifferent. Now we have no fault to find with the present instructor, for he does all that anybody in his position could do, but we wish to call the attention of the Faculty to this matter, and ask them whether they do not think it would be worth while to have an instructor for forensics alone, instead of giving them to a professor who has plenty to do without them? Do they think it enough to require a certain number of forensics to be written, without having any correction made in them after they are written? It seems to us that much benefit might be got by instruction, besides that gained by the mere practice in writing.