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THE rumors in regard to an "American Henley" which have been current since the middle of last summer have now assumed a definite form. The National Association of Amateur Oarsmen has taken active steps to arrange races next year, to be rowed by college crews only, for the "Triton," "Eureka," and "Passaic" cups, which have been offered by the boat-clubs named; and the Association is now in correspondence with the different colleges that are interested in rowing. The scheme, though ridiculed by some, seems to us a praiseworthy one. The system of an intercollegiate association, introducing an annual regatta for the "college championship," and deciding the character of this regatta according to the expense involved, or the preferences of a minority of the college world, has been proved conclusively a failure. It is desirable, however, that the crews of American colleges should meet occasionally and measure blades, and for this purpose we see no more feasible plan than that proposed by the National Association. According to this plan, as we understand it, the three challenge cups will be retained by the respective winners of the three different kinds of races until the next regatta, when they will be put up again. All nonsensical talk about "championships" will be out of place, as the victorious eight-oared crew will hold one cup, and the victorious four-oared crew will hold another cup. We mention eights and fours as the most advisable form of races, and would suggest that the third race be open to singles. This seems such an excellent project, and the costly cups are prizes so well worth rowing for, that we trust the H. U. B. C. will lend their cooperation, as we have no doubt they will, and further as far as possible the undertaking.