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WE are sorry to hear that Harvard's challenge to Yale to row a race for the single-scull championship has been declined. The reason alleged was, "that it would establish a bad precedent, and tend to lessen the interest in the eight-oared race." This certainly seems rather a foolish idea, for one would think that if a Freshman race and a single-scull race could be arranged between the two colleges, to come off at the same time with the "Varsity," it would rather increase than diminish the interest. But as the H. U. B. C. offered to fix the race as early as six weeks, if need be, before the race at New London, it is difficult to see how this could have an injurious effect on the eight-oared race. The New York and Boston newspapers state, moreover, that it was voted to aid Mr. E. P. Livingston with influence and money if he personally challenges our champion sculler. This certainly is inconsistent with the reason alleged for not wishing to row, and amounts to this, that if Mr. Livingston beats our representative, Yale can claim the championship, whereas, if Harvard wins, she can only claim to have beaten Mr. Livingston.