DEAR SIRS, - Can you give me any information in regard to the stained-glass window by Mr. Lafarge which paid us a short visit in Memorial Hall last winter? For a short while we were daily rejoiced by the spectacle of a faded young gentleman whose striking feature was a very long pair of lilac legs, and who balanced himself on the edge of (apparently) a dining-room table, as if he had suddenly felt faint and needed support. There was always a doubt in my mind whether he was Sir Philip Sidney or the Chevalier Bayard. I always supposed him to be the former of those gentlemen, on the historical occasion when he needed a glass of water to "brace him up"; but whoever he was, he tarried with us but a little while. It was said that he had been "caved in" by a strong wind, and needed strengthening, so we were led to believe that his absence was only temporary. It is now very nearly a year, however, since he left us. Is he never to return? Please relieve my anxiety as soon as possible.