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WE print in another column a communication on the College Seal, containing Dr. Holmes's two sonnets on the subject. These and the quotations from his explanatory letter, together with Mr. Sargent's answer to the Rev. Dr. Osgood, seem to us strong arguments for a return to the old motto. This college is not for the Church, and there is no reason why its motto should be. Dr. Osgood's words about Dr. Peabody meet with our hearty approval, and would if they said twice as much; but even if he does exert a strong Christian influence here, or even if the influence of the place itself is religious, that does not and cannot make this a Church College; whereas "Veritas" really does express the aim of the institution. So great a power for good as Harvard University could have no worthier by-word than "Truth," which is only a synonym for religion in its broadest sense. Like Mr. Sargent, we cannot imagine who "authorized" Dr. Osgood to state that there is no wish on the part of the College to change its seal; but supposing this to be so, is it a reason why Dr. Holmes should not have such a wish, or seek to influence others in the matter? For our part, we sincerely hope that those in authority may yield to the combined force of his poetry and prose.