WHILE I was dear to thee;

While yet, with all my faults,

You loved with none but me

To tread the maze of redowa or waltz, -

I lived content, and happier far

Then e'en victorious Russian czar.

SHE.While with no other girl you talked

At balls by night, at kettledrums by day,

With me alone on Sundays walked,

And daily sent the ravishing bouquet,

I envied not the leading belle

Whose list new conquests daily swell!

HE.That belle, whose eyes are bright as day,

Whose hair's all gold, she now is mine.

Her dress is perfect, ladies say;

She plays Chopin with art almost divine.

For her my life I'd gladly give,

If so she might the happier live.

SHE.Augustus Beacon Somerset

And I have pledged unending love,

So fair a one I never met;

He dances like an angel from above!

Twice would I gladly die, in truth,

So Heaven would spare the lovely youth.

HE.What if our former love returned,

And held again its former sway;

If but for you my bosom burned,

And I should give fair Chloe her conge?

If she I serve were overthrown,

And you should rule my heart alone?

SHE.Though my Augustus is more fair,

And though an awful flirt are you, -

Uncertain as the Boston air,

Now warm, now cold, now false, now firm and true,

With you through life I'll gladly live,

For you that life I'd gladly give!

E. C. P.