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A MORE cordial and hearty reception than the one given at Princeton last Friday and Saturday our Nine could not ask. From the time when they left the cars to the time when they were cheered on their homeward trip, they enjoyed the constant escort and attention of Princeton men. As soon as they reached Princeton a lunch was served for them at the hotel; they were taken in carriages to the ball-ground, and throughout the game were treated with a courtesy which might be imitated to advantage by the spectators who sometimes throng Holmes Field. In the evening, the musical societies gave a concert in honor of the guests, and the following day was marked by similar attentions. A large body of the college accompanied the Nine to the cars, and attested their friendship for the visitors with enthusiastic cheers. Such an evidence of the good-feeling which exists between Princeton and Harvard is very gratifying, and we feel sure that Harvard men will be ready to reciprocate these attentions on the first visit of the Princeton Nine to Cambridge. We know we are expressing the sincere feelings of our Nine and of the College, when we express our hearty thanks to Princeton for their courtesy, which always makes our visits there thoroughly enjoyable.