THE K. N. Society is preparing some theatricals.

ENTRY-BOOK for the Scratch Races is ready at Richardson's.

PAYMENT of subscriptions to the University Boat-Club is now in order.

ABOUT $600 was cleared for the crew by the Glee Club and Pierian Concert.

THE Everett Athenaeum will give an entertainment at Exeter in aid of the boat-club there.

THE Freshman Nine beat the "Cambridge High School," on April 29, by a score of 10 to 3.

THE Freshman Nine played the "Newtons" at Newton, April 20, and was beaten by a score of 7 to 4.

THERE will be a base-ball match to-morrow, at 3 P. M., on Holmes Field between Wesleyan and Harvard.

THE Union four are rowing regularly, and make a heavy crew. They are pulling the old '76 stroke, and are doing very well.

MR. ROBERT P. HASTINGS, '77, has been appointed manager of the Base-Ball Nine in place of Mr. S. Shillito, resigned.

MR. PACH is now ready to furnish the pictures of the individual members of the Crew, the Nine, and the Foot-Ball Team.

MR. PACH will photograph the Senior class in a group, Saturday morning, May 11, at quarter before eleven, on the steps at Memorial Hall.

THE Cambridge Subscription Assembly will take place this evening at Lyceum Hall. Tickets, at $2.00 apiece, can be obtained at 17 Matthews.

THE Scratch Races take place to-morrow at 11. In addition to the races for sixes, fours, and singles, there will be a canoe race and a Rob Roy race.

THE Scratch Races will take place to-morrow (Saturday), at 11 A. M., on the boat-house course. A fee of fifty cents will be charged for every one making an entry.

THE Freshman Nine will play with the St. Mark's School Nine at Southboro', to-morrow, and with the Adams Academy Nine at Quincy, next Wednesday, May 8.

NO one will be allowed to row in the Scratch Races unless he makes the necessary payments beforehand. Last year, after the races, it was found almost impossible to collect the money.

THE following is the crew in training for the race with the Union Boat-Club, May 18: Kessler, '78, bow; Trimble, '80, 2; Parker, '78, 3; Littauer, '78, stroke; Cheney, '78, coxswain.

THE rumor that a Portuguese edition of the Crimson, for circulation in Brazil, is to be undertaken by one of the editors who will imitate the Spanish editor of the Advertiser and the French editor of the Advoate is strictly incorrect.

PACH has now taken all the photographs for '78, excepting the groups, and more views that are to be taken after the leaves are out. His work has given unusual satisfaction to the Faculty and to the class. The studio will be kept open for a few weeks for the benefit of other members of the University, to whom Mr. Pach will give liberal terms.

OUR sporting editor authorizes us to say that, in view of the prompt manner in which the table at Morgan's has subscribed for a cup, he will guarantee $15 more for a mile-run. Now, won't the Advocate attend to the mile-walk, the Lampoon to the hurdle-race, and some of the club tables to the hundred-yards, two-mile run, broad jump, high jump, etc., etc.?

THE Freshmen played a return game with the "Newtons" on the Boston grounds, May 1, which resulted in a victory for the former by a score of 17 to 8. Earned runs, Freshmen 0, Newtons 1. Errors, Freshmen 8, Newtons 20. 1st base-hits, Freshmen 12, Newtons 8. Total base-hits, Freshmen 16, Newtons 9. 2 base-hits, J. S. Howe, W. A. Howe, Cruger, Fisher of the Freshmen, Lyon of the Newtons. Umpire, Mr. E. Wood of Newton.

THE following letter, the first official reply to the challenge sent by the Secretary of the H. U. B. C. to the Cornell Navy, was received April 30.

ITHACA, N. Y., April 27, 1878.GEO. L. CHENEY, Sec. H. U. B. C., CAMBRIDGE, MASS.DEAR SIR, - At a meeting of the Navy last Thursday it was resolved not to accept Harvard's challenge for a University race. We regret that the circumstances were such that we could not accept this challenge, and hope that at some future time we may be able to arrange a race with Harvard.

Very truly yours,

ED. R. MORSE, Sec. C. N.PROFESSOR E. J. YOUNG will preach in the Chapel next Sunday at 7.30 P. M.

THE Faculty have voted that all one-hour examinations shall be limited strictly to one hour.

A FRESHMAN was heard inquiring eagerly for tickets for the game between Wellesley and Harvard tomorrow.

SENIORS are requested to examine the proofs, now posted at Sever's, of the special edition of "Harvard and its Surroundings."

PROFESSOR C. J. WHITE'S lecture on "The Structure and Care of the Skin," originally appointed for April 11, will be given next Thursday.

PROFESSOR PAINE gave his first piano recital in Boylston Hall last Wednesday evening. His programme was as follows: Selections from Byrd and Paumann; Suite in G minor, Bach; Nocturne, Op. 15, Chopin; Sonata No. 1., Op. 2, in F minor, Beethoven; Romanza, Schumann; selection from Songs without Words Mendelssohn; Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven. The next recital will be given on Tuesday evening, May 7.

SUNDAY night conversation; dramatis personoe, a Theological Student and two Juniors; subject, the existence of angels. 1st Junior: "The Bible endorses the belief in angels; you know the prayer of one of the Apostles, 'Angels and ministers of grace defend us.' " Theological Student: "That is not in the Bible." 2d Junior: "Of course it is n't; it's in the book of Common Prayer, and that is no authority. Universal assent.

EXPENSES of the University Base-Ball Nine, from Oct. 1, 1877, to May 1, 1878.

April 29. To total cash from games and subscriptions, $562.08.

April 29. By total amount expended, $510.78

April 29. By balance, 51.30



Amount of unpaid subscriptions, $146.50

STEWART SHILLITO, Treasurer.MR. J. L. STODDARD will deliver a lecture on "Paris" at Lyceum Hall next Monday evening, May 6, at 8 P. M. It is the first of a series of four upon the art, antiquities, and present appearance of some famous European and Oriental cities, the remaining ones being upon "Milan and Venice," "Rome," and "Cairo the Magnificent," on ensuing Mondays. These lectures, which are profusely illustrated by large stereopticon views, are highly spoken of by the press and competent critics. Season tickets $100, and single tickets 30 cents, at Sever's and at A. R. Bayley's, Central Square.