THE K. N. Society is preparing some theatricals.

ENTRY-BOOK for the Scratch Races is ready at Richardson's.

PAYMENT of subscriptions to the University Boat-Club is now in order.

ABOUT $600 was cleared for the crew by the Glee Club and Pierian Concert.

THE Everett Athenaeum will give an entertainment at Exeter in aid of the boat-club there.

THE Freshman Nine beat the "Cambridge High School," on April 29, by a score of 10 to 3.

THE Freshman Nine played the "Newtons" at Newton, April 20, and was beaten by a score of 7 to 4.

THERE will be a base-ball match to-morrow, at 3 P. M., on Holmes Field between Wesleyan and Harvard.

THE Union four are rowing regularly, and make a heavy crew. They are pulling the old '76 stroke, and are doing very well.

MR. ROBERT P. HASTINGS, '77, has been appointed manager of the Base-Ball Nine in place of Mr. S. Shillito, resigned.

MR. PACH is now ready to furnish the pictures of the individual members of the Crew, the Nine, and the Foot-Ball Team.

MR. PACH will photograph the Senior class in a group, Saturday morning, May 11, at quarter before eleven, on the steps at Memorial Hall.

THE Cambridge Subscription Assembly will take place this evening at Lyceum Hall. Tickets, at $2.00 apiece, can be obtained at 17 Matthews.

THE Scratch Races take place to-morrow at 11. In addition to the races for sixes, fours, and singles, there will be a canoe race and a Rob Roy race.

THE Scratch Races will take place to-morrow (Saturday), at 11 A. M., on the boat-house course. A fee of fifty cents will be charged for every one making an entry.

THE Freshman Nine will play with the St. Mark's School Nine at Southboro', to-morrow, and with the Adams Academy Nine at Quincy, next Wednesday, May 8.