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THE "Birds" of Aristophanes is announced among the books to be read in Greek 2, next year. The course is a new and interesting one, and will be especially attractive to Juniors; but a large number of the class of '80, who were in the advanced section during their Freshman year, are cut off from taking this elective, for the simple reason that they have already read the play. The suggestion has been made, and it is not a bad one, that some other play of Aristophanes, which none of the present Sophomore class have ever read, be substituted for the "Birds." It has always seemed to us a cause of regret that so little of Aristophanes was read in the Greek electives. Greek 9 used to embrace all the Aristophanes that appeared in the elective pamphlet, with the exception of the play that was read in Greek 6, and this course was open only to those who had attained considerable proficiency in reading. We were therefore glad to see on the new pamphlet another course opened to undergraduates, who are fond of the great comic poet. It is to be hoped that the necessary steps will be taken by the Faculty to enable the good as well as the mediocre student to enjoy it.