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IT seems to us that the custom of wearing base-ball suits into Memorial Hall, though rapidly growing in favor among certain students, is not one that recommends itself for universal adoption. We admit that we have never belonged to a base-ball nine, that we are prejudiced, and that we perhaps even deserve to be called squeamish, but still we cannot help objecting to the practice. From an aesthetic point of view blouses of gray trimmed with crimson are not beautiful, and we have been told that one of the advantages gained by boarding in Memorial Hall is the refinement given by the artistic surroundings. Our second objection, it is true, is a weak one, but still is an objection. Unreflecting people might be apt to think that the presence of a base-ball suit in the Hall showed that the wearer had come directly from the ball field. Of course none but very thoughtless people would ever think so, but still their feelings deserve to be considered.