No Headline

WE are always sorry to complain of our well-managed library, but it has one regulation in force for which there seems to be no good reason. When a student finds a book out, he is allowed to put down his name for it, and when it is returned to the library he is notified, and the book is reserved for him. This privilege is not allowed him in the case of novels, on what ground we cannot conceive, unless it be that novels are not worth reserving; and it is to this restriction that we refer. The idea that novels are not as valuable as other works is certainly erroneous, for some of our greatest scholars advise, and themselves practise, constant novel-reading. But apart from its literary value, a novel may be as necessary to a student as the dryest text-book in writing a theme, on some great novelist, for instance. We sincerely hope that the annoying restriction may be done away with.