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THE experiment of cutting off two days at the end of the Christmas recess has been tried now for two years, and we hope that the Faculty are ready to come back to the full two weeks. The impracticability of really beginning the term on Friday has, it seems to us, been fully demonstrated. In the first place, the students do not get back; the temptation to put off one's return to college until the beginning of the next week is more than average flesh and blood can resist. In the second place, the instructors do not hold their recitations, or, if they do, only for a few moments as a matter of form. We do not wish to blame them for this, for it is only natural to be unwilling to go through the form of a recitation, or to deliver a lecture, for the benefit of only a small portion of the regular division, especially when the temperature of the room is such that an overcoat is decidedly comfortable. Nothing begins in earnest until Monday; those who do come back do not think of doing any work, but spend their time in grumbling at having to come back before the week is out, and in regretting that they have come back. We hope that the powers that be will consider this matter again, and see whether they think the small amount of gain worth what it costs.