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WE hope that Oxford's refusal to row us will not altogether break up our crew, for, although we know that the only condition on which some of our men promised to row was that the crew should be sent to England, yet there are enough of the old men left to form a nucleus on which to build an eight that could without doubt win another victory for us at New London. Now that we have lost the championship in football, and the prospects in base-ball are anything but encouraging, it devolves upon the crew all the more to sustain the honor and reputation of Harvard, and as all the arrangements for a race with Yale have been completed, it would seem a pity that, because of a little apathy on the part of the crew, we should run the risk of defeat while we still have such splendid stuff in college. We trust that the officers of the H. U. B. C. will be able by their persuasion to settle the matter aright, and that the crew of '79 will not by any hasty action break up an University Eight which has been recognized as the best that ever represented an American college.