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SINCE our last issue, the Bursar has sent letters to those scouts who still continue to work for students, warning them that the President and Fellows of Harvard College would consider them as trespassers if they entered the college Yard or buildings in future. An exception is made, however, in the case of any scout working for a college officer. It seems to us that this is an inconsistency on the part of the Bursar. All persons who occupy rooms in the college buildings should be on precisely the same footing in respect to any rule as to whom they are to employ or refrain from employing. We cannot see what difference it need make to the Bursar whether the person is an instructor or not, so long as he occupies a room in one of the college buildings. It is a trifle suggestive that he does not interfere with these gentlemen. The spectacle of the President and Fellows threatening to arrest as trespassers men who are doing their work in an orderly and a quiet manner is an edifying one, the more so when we consider the character of some of the men who have been placed in the responsible position of janitor. We suppose that the Corporation will proceed to execute the threat which has been made in their name; they have the law on their side, we are informed, and that will supply the place of justice. We are sorry to see that the Advocate does not maintain its former position in this matter.