WOULD that my enemy would write a poem! We were in hopes that the Vassar Miscellany would contain a poem, that we might have a chance to return a kiss for a blow; but, alas! her only poems were quoted from the Crimson. If, however, we were to venture a criticism upon her review of our sonnet, we should say that the physiological ignorance which she displays is alarming in a college girl.

Professor. - What is the meaning of the author's allusion to Blanche of Castile, Mr. K.?

Mr. K (feeling his way cautiously). - Well - er

- I suppose he is alluding - to some brand of - soap.

- Acta Columbiana.

Tutor (dictating Greek prose composition). - Tell me, slave, where is thy horse?

Startled Soph. - It - it's under my chair, sir: I wasn't using it! - Acta Columbiana.