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WE call the attention of the athletes in the University to the Columbia Games, which are to take place during the holidays. This plan of allowing members of other colleges to enter seems to us one of the best that has yet been devised on this side of the water. Not only does it promote acquaintance and a friendly feeling among men from different parts of the country, but it should also tend to improve our records, and eventually make them equal, or even surpass, those of the English Universities. The spirit of competition ought to draw out the best efforts of the representatives of each college, and the honor of winning in such a contest should be sufficient incentive for hard training on the part of those who intend to enter. The "Relay Race" is especially attractive, and we hope to see our six best runners on the track. The distance - thirty miles - is indeed rather long, but for this reason it will be all the more satisfaction for the team that is lucky enough to win it. We would suggest that the Harvard Athletic Association should offer some similar open event at its Spring meeting.