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IN another column will be found the programme of the spring races of the H. U. B. C., and it will be seen, on consulting it, that it has been decided to return to the system of class races. It seems to us that this decision of the executive committee is, on the whole, a wise one. The club system was certainly a failure, whatever the reason may have been, and any attempt to revive it would probably prove unsuccessful. It now rests with the classes to say whether the new system shall succeed, and we hope that they will at once take steps to elect captains, and put crews in training. The prize colors will be placed in the new Gymnasium, and the cups will be of real value. As the Freshman class already has a crew in training, and as quite a number of men from the other classes are training for the 'Varsity, there ought to be no difficulty in getting together four good eights.