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SEVERAL of our professors have entertained parties of students during the past year, and we hope that they feel well enough satisfied with the experiment to make it a custom in future. The number of students who have been favored is comparatively small; but such social advantages would be valuable to all students, especially to those who do not have access to Cambridge society. Many Harvard men have no friends in the neighborhood of Boston, and are thus deprived of society at a time when it would be of the greatest benefit to them. There are many, also, who are not attracted by the form in which Cambridge society is at present offered to them, but who would enjoy an occasional evening at a professor's house. To all such students our instructors have it in their power to do great good. We hope that the example set by several professors this year will be widely imitated in the future, and that the time may soon come when the Faculty will feel that their duties to their classes are not limited by the threshold of the recitation-room.