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THE letter from "A Sufferer," which will be found in our correspondence column this week, again calls attention to the fact that property is not safe when left at Memorial Hall during the hours of meals. Some of the epithets used may seem to some a little too harsh, but it seems to us that this is no matter to mince words about. Where property which has the owner's name conspicuously marked on it is continually being stolen, as has been the case this year, there is good reason for indignation. We wish that there were any other reasonable supposition to adopt besides the one that these articles are stolen by students, but we cannot see that there is any escape from this conclusion. That students in Harvard College should steal the property of fellow-students - overcoats, hats, or umbrellas - is something to be deeply regretted. The recent discovery of a student who had been taking his meals for a week at the Hall at the expense of the Association shows, however, that there are some among us who will stoop to acts of meanness; and we can only warn all to be on their guard, and to make every effort to discover the offenders.