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To many having engagements of importance, the delay of an hour in serving lunch at Memorial Hall last Saturday was a serious inconvenience; to all it was a great annoyance. Under the circumstances it is but natural to question whether the Faculty are justified in using the Hall without communication with the Directors, and to delay a meal for an hour without notice sufficient to attract the attention of anybody. It would, perhaps, be different if the Dining Association were allowed to use the Hall simply as a favor; but paying, as we do, what amounts to a very considerable rent, it is fair for us to expect the Faculty to communicate with those having charge of the Hall for the time being, or at least to put up notices, not too small to be read with the naked eye, of any delay in serving meals. We do not see how the convenience of having all the members of a large elective examined in one room affords any justification for making over six hundred men wait an hour for their lunch.