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THE New York World of October 24, in speaking of the reasons which led Harvard to give up fall races, says: "Another explanation of this almost unprecedented step of abandoning boat-racing in the autumn is Harvard's feeling of confidence on the water." As an authority for this view of the situation the World quotes the Boston Sunday Times of October 9, in which what seems to us an almost boastful tone is assumed in discussing our rowing prospects for next year. We think that the writer in the Times misrepresents in reference to this question the College feeling, which, it seems to us, can be better described by the word hopeful than confident. There is great doubt whether seven of the Crew of '81 will row again this year, but granting that we are to have the same eight with the exception of one man, our chances of victory next June are by no means so certain as to warrant the prediction that we shall recover in '82 the position in athletics which we held in '78 and '79. We look upon the declaration as too sweeping, and at present think that the futures of our Base Ball Nine and Football Team are much brighter than that of the Crew. It is fair to suppose that Yale will be as energetic and as thorough this year as she has been in the past, and that she will use her best efforts to retain the championship which she has so long held.