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LAST year, when the section in Natural History IV. was so large, the place of recitation was removed from the Zoological Museum, where it was for the first part of the term, to Sever. This was a great gain, for not only was the recitation room itself preferable and more available, but also the ten minutes occupied in walking to and from the Museum could be used for the recitation. The question is now raised this year: Why should not Natural History I. be removed to Sever or to some other building within the Yard? Surely we can see no reason why so large a number as that section contains should be compelled to walk so far and to lose so much of the time for recitation, provided that all suitable rooms in Sever, or elsewhere in the Yard, are not occupied at the required time. The recitation room at the Museum is but poorly heated and the desks are uncomfortably crowded, nor is there any examination of specimens necessary to bring the class to the Museum, while the maps hung on the walls for occasional reference could easily be removed. So altogether we should be most pleased to see the recitation room of so popular a course as Natural History I. removed to a more convenient and comfortable place, provided it is practicable.