LAST year certain members of the Pierian Sodality and Glee Club proposed that the two societies should unite, and lease suitable rooms in which, during the winter and spring, they might together give a series of short concerts followed by dancing. The plan was given up on account of the lack of interest shown. This year, however, the two societies have effected a union, and have leased Roberts Hall on Brattle Street, where they intend to give joint concerts every six weeks or so. In thus uniting, the societies do not expect to lose their separate identity, that is, each is at liberty to accept invitations out of Cambridge without consulting the other.

To meet the increased expenses they propose to give two concerts in Sanders Theatre, one in December and the other at the usual time in the spring.

There are to be thirty associate members of the Society; twenty from the Senior class and ten from the Junior class, and it is hoped that these members will feel that they are to receive some return for the privilege of joining the Society.

Of late years the associate members of the Glee Club have ridiculed the idea of ever getting any pleasure from being members, except, perhaps, a glass of beer and a sandwich. In the future, the societies will endeavor to make the associate members feel that they are fortunate in obtaining an election.

The first associate members' meeting will be held on Monday evening, November 21, at eight o'clock.