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CRITICISMS of one another by college papers should always be made with the best of good-will and brotherly feeling. Their one and only motive should be the improvement of college journalism; and further than they are actuated by this motive, they should not be carried. Particularly should this be the case between the different publications of the same college. With this idea we published about a month ago a short criticism on the Echo, in which we commented briefly on the more noticeable imperfections of that sheet, and expressed the hope that they might be remedied. And we are very glad to say that to a very perceptible extent they have been remedied. Though not entirely free from typographical errors, still they now occur but infrequently, and both the form and the matter of the paper show more care and attention than they have in the past. Having criticised the Echo's failings, we feel that it is but just to speak this commendatory word regarding its evident improvement.