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WE are very glad to see that the Directors of the Dining Association have taken such prompt action to end the recent nuisances in the gallery of the Hall. It does, to be sure, seem a little hard that so many men should be deprived of privileges, for the abuse of which they were not themselves responsible. It is always a pity that the many should have to suffer for the shortcomings of the few. But the present seems to be one of the cases where such an apparent injustice is unavoidable. It was absolutely necessary for the reputation of the Association that the disgraceful occurences should be stopped at once; and the Board of Directors, after a long discussion of possible methods, decided on this new rule as the only one that would be both practicable and effectual. We are sure that, even now, they would gladly accept any suggestions as to a way of solving the difficulty without such a stringent exclusion as is at present necessitated.