CRICKET is being revived at Princeton.

No rehearsals of the Greek Play till April 16.

THE Glee Club has begun rehearsing for its spring concert.

THE Boston Gazette is chiefly "conspicuous for its inaccuracy."

MR. R. D. SEARS will play in the Boston Court Tennis Tournament.

COLUMBIA men are much pleased that a University race with us is assured.

THE Seniors' Farewell in the Pi Eta Society occurs immediately after the recess.

THE Princeton Glee Club intend visiting Louisville, Ky., and St. Louis this summer.

MR. C. P. PERIN has sent in his resignation as Secretary of the Pierian Sodality.

AT the University of Pennsylvania, twenty-seven men are in training for the class fours.

IF wrinkles are the grave of love, false teeth may truthfully be described as the tombstones. - Corn. Bulletin.

HENCEFORTH the southern side room in Memorial Hall will be used for meals of lady guests of members of the Association.

THEY talk of starting a new paper at Columbia. It will be issued three times a week, and will have articles by the professors.

HEREAFTER the meetings of the Harvard Union will be held in Sever Hall, and it is hoped that a larger attendance may result.

IT is suggested that an English club, as a sort, of auxiliary to the New Shakspere Society, of London, would supply a need in College.

THE officers of the Philosophical Club are: Mr. Wheeler, '81, President; Mr. Baker, '81, Vice-President; Mr. Norman, '81, Secretary.