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WE are happy to be able to state that the annual concert of the Glee Club will be given in Sanders Theatre the latter part of April or early in May. It has been the general impression that the Glee Club would be compelled to omit the annual concert on account of the Greek Play, in which it is to take so prominent a part. The Club deserves more than ever the support of the College; we do not say this because it has not been well supported in former years, but because this year it has worked faithfully to bring renown to Harvard, by its earnest co-operation with Professors Paine and Goodwin to make a success of the great Greek Play. We understand that the second chorus of the Greek Play is to form part of the programme, and that there will be several solos and duets from members of the Club. The Pierian will assist the Glee Club as formerly. We suggested last year that the Glee Club and Pierian give open-air concerts in the Yard, in the evenings, between seven and eight. The Glee Club has never failed to receive a warm reception in the Yard; and if it is possible, we hope that this Club, together with the Pierian, will be able to favor us with a few open-air concerts in May and June.