THE games of the New York Athletic Club on Monday, May 30 next, two days after the Intercollegiate games will furnish an excellent opportunity to our Harvard athletes to try their skill with the best New York amateurs. The Manhattan Club will also hold its annual spring meeting on the same day; and the Orion Rowing and Athletic Association (whose programme is on the bulletin board in the Gymnasium) has chosen the same date for its fifth annual spring meeting, so that with the three there will doubtless be an opportunity offered to all of our representatives to indulge their respective specialties.

The programmes of the New York and Manhattan Clubs are not yet published, so that we cannot speak definitely, but we think, off hand, that it will well repay the entire Team to wait over for these games, and we shall hope to see successful results in the case of all who see fit to do so.

The Young America Cricket Club of Philadelphia will hold a meeting, open to all amateurs, on June 4 next, at Philadelphia, to enter in which a cordial invitation has been sent to members of the Harvard Athletic Association. The programme is a long one, and offers an opportunity to all of our athletes, including the bicyclists. Any information may be obtained from the editor of this column.

The Spirit of the Times is publishing a series of very valuable articles on athletic records, which are, on the whole, the most complete compilations on the subject that we have ever seen. The English records as well as the American are given, and they will be invaluable for reference when completed.