No recitations in Latin 2 were held on Monday.

THE number of the Columbia Glee Club is sixteen.

OUR Freshmen play Yale on Saturday on Jarvis Field.

THERE is some talk of giving a Latin play next year.

THERE will be no more meetings of the St. Paul's this year.

THERE is a game this afternoon between Harvards and Beacons.

JUNE 8 is the day on which Columbia has her commencement.

MR. SHELDON will conduct next year Graduate Course 1 in German.

IN Latin 2 very little of the examination will be upon Latin at sight.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY graduated seventeen young ladies on Tuesday last.

A WALKING CLUB called the Peripatetics has been organized at Rutgers.

THE proceeds of the Yale Glee Club concert in New York were $400.14.

CARL SCHURZ advises Mr. Conkling to withdraw from the contest for senator.

COMMENCEMENT PARTS which are not to be spoken can be obtained at the Dean's office.

MR. W. H. MANNING has been elected captain of the Football Team for the ensuing year.

THE Institute Dinner was given last night. Mr. Warren was Poet, and Mr. Dorr Chorister.

MR. J. P. LYONS, '82, and Mr. E. S. Perin, '82, have been elected editors of the Crimson, vice Messrs. Waring and Panin, resigned.

THE officers of the O. K. are: President, G. L. Kittredge; Secretary, J. P. Gardner; Treasurer, J. McG. Foster; Librarian, F. E. Fuller.

THE officers of the Philological Society for the following year are: President, W. H. Manning; Secretary, G. L. Kittredge; Treasurer, A. A. Howard.

THE news that Princeton beat Yale in the ball game was received with loud and repeated cheers by a large crowd of students in front of Bartlett's.

THE marks in Junior A Themes have been given out.

As the Echo implies, there is a chance for reform in the management of Weld.

EASTHAMPTON, heretofore a Yale school, sends this year more men to Harvard.

GLEE CLUB CONCERT in the Yard next Monday in honor of the Princeton Nine.

SEVERAL of the suggestions in our editorial have been anticipated by the action of the Memorial Hall Directors.

THE cowardly insinuations of the Yale News against the honor of Brown and Princeton, as regards the championship, are taken only for what they are worth.

DOCTOR PEABODY'S late lectures in Philosophy 4 are to be found in his published works, "Religion and Nature," and "Religion and Science."

BROOKLINE A. C. Games at their grounds tomorrow at 3 o'clock P.M. Several Harvard men will compete.

OUR best-on-record tables can now be procured at Sever's or Amee's for 5 cents each. They will prove of great service to all athletes.

PRINCETON'S victory over Yale last Wednesday materially increases our chances for the championship. We trust that the Nine will practise constantly during the coming week in order if possible to insure victory.

IN an article upon the Exeter trouble the New York Times says that Professor Wentworth is deeply respected by graduates of the school. The feeling which we have heard some graduates express for that professor did not seem to us to be any thing akin to reverence.

A PIECE of property on Summer Street, Boston, assessed at $339,000, and considered by the real-estate brokers to be worth not more than $400,000, was recently purchased by President Eliot for the sum of $475.000. And yet the College is in "pressing need" of more money!

THE officers of the Pi Eta Society for the second half year are: President, F. E. Fuller; Vice-President, A. M. Allen; Secretary, E. W. Baker; Treasurer, F. A. Fernald; Executive Committee, Allen, H. A. Richardson, F. A. Dakin; Initiation Committee, J. H. Bacon, F. A. Dakin; Stage Manager, F. R. Burton; Chorister, R. Luce; Caterer, R. Cumming.

AT the N. Y. A. C. Games on Monday last at Mott Haven, Mr. E. J. Wendell, '82, won the 120-yards scratch race in 12 3-5 sec., easily beating L. A. Stuart of the Knickerbocker A. C. Mr. T. J. Coolidge, '84 (8 yds. start), took second in the half-mile run handicap. The race was won by Montgomery (70 yds. start), of the Manhattan A. C. in 2 min. 2-5 sec., Coolidge finishing 12 yards behind.

IT does not look as if "Grand Old Yale" would get the championship this year.

THE COMMENT OF BENVENUTO DA IMOLA is one of the proposed publications of the Dante Society. Messrs. Osgood propose to assume the responsibility, provided the society secure one hundred and thirty-five subscriptions for the work.

AT the close of the lecture in Nat. Hist. 4 on Wednesday last, the entire class burst simultaneously into the heartiest applause, showing thereby their appreciation of Professor Shaler's uniform kindness and courtesy as a man, as well as his excellence as an instructor. In his temporary absence the College will sustain a great loss.

THE sixth Annual Field Meeting of the I. C. A. A., came off on Saturday last at Mott Haven in the presence of a large number of spectators, many of them ladies.

The 100-yards run was the first event on the programme, and was won by E. J. Wendell, '82, Harvard. in 10 1/4 sec., J. F. Jenkins, '84, Columbia, being second. This was a great surprise to the Columbians, who had centred all their hopes on Jenkins for both the 100 yds. and the 220 yds. Soren, '83, Harvard, won the running high jump, with a record of 5 ft. 2 1/4 in., Sayre of Columbia taking second place. The mile-run fell to Cuyler of Yale in 4 min. 40 7/8 sec., Thorndike, '81, Harvard, running a plucky race for second place. The first half of the distance was covered by Thorndike in 2 min. 9 sec., but he could not hold the pace and tired on the last lap. Soren won the standing high jump with a record of 4 ft. 6 3/4 in., jumping 4 ft. 10 in afterward as an exhibition jump. The quarter-mile run was placed before the 220 yds. on the programme instead of after it, as last year, so that Wendell did not run, as Jenkins was comparatively fresh for the 220 yds., and he could not afford to lose a point for the cup to a Columbia man, as Columbia was pressing us pretty hard just then; the race was won by E. A. Ballard, '81, University of Penn., in 53 4-5 sec., C. G. Wilson, '83, Princeton, finishing second. The other entries had all withdrawn. Sayre of Columbia, '81, took the mile-walk, in 7 min. 36 1/8 sec., W. H. Herrick, '82, Harvard, taking second place. The hammer also fell to Columbia, J. H. Montgomery, '81, throwing it 76 ft. 9 1/2 in., Porter, also of Columbia, winning the second prize. Moore of Stevens, '81, won the shot with a put of 34 ft. 11 in. Kip, '83, Harvard, seemed out of form and did not do himself justice in either of these events. The half-mile run was won easily by J. T. Coolidge, '84, Harvard, in 2 min. 7 3/8 sec., H. H. Parker of Dartmouth, finishing about 5 yards in his rear. Ballard, '81, University of Penn., and Cuyler, '82, Yale, having withdrawn, Coolidge had an easy victory and ran the entire distance in beautiful form and well within himself. The 220-yards dash, final heat, brought out E. A. Ballard, '81, University of Penn., J. F. Jenkins, '81, Columbia, B. W. Mackintosh, '84, Lafayette, and E. J. Wendell, '82, Harvard. At the pistol shot Jenkins jumped away with the lead and held it round the curve until the home stretch where Wendell made his spurt and won by several yards, Jenkins falling from exhaustion at the end. Time 23 1-5 sec., which betters the American College record by nearly half a second. Jenkins won the running broad jump with a record of 20 ft. 9 1/4 in. The 2-mile bicycle race was won by C. A. Reed, '83, Columbia, in 6 min. 51 sec., S. Williston, '82, Harvard, taking second place. Williston was started 10 yds., behind the rest, the number of starters rendering it impossible for all to start in the same line; and, in addition, he was badly fouled at the start by the man who started the bicycle directly ahead of him getting his foot in front of Williston's wheel. The result was that he lost at least 25 yards, and the exertion necessary to catch the others at first was too great a strain for him to do himself justice at the finish. He rode a plucky race and deserves great credit. The tug-of-war was easily won by Princeton, whose team pulled in capital form. Their new patent belt also had much to do with their victory. F. W. Dalrymple, '83, Lehigh, won the pole vault with a jump of 8 ft. 9 in.; O. Harriman, '83, Princeton, taking second place. The Hurdle was won by R. T. Morrow, '81, Lehigh, in 18 1/8 sec., W. P. Trowbridge, S. S., Yale, second by 4 inches. Mitchell, Harvard, '83, was third in his trial heat. The games were on the whole highly successful, and Harvard may be congratulated on winning 5 first prizes, and 3 second; Columbia being second with 4 first prizes and 7 second; Lehigh third, with 2 first; Princeton fourth, with 1 first, and 2 second; Yale and University of Penn., tied for fifth place with 1 first and 1 second each; Stevens seventh with 1 first, and Dartmouth eighth with 1 second prize.